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Lifestyle renews the pleasure of living your home, giving brightness and beauty…For a new lifestyle.

Lifestyle is the new minimal Molaro product. It is the result of a constant research made by the Company, that aims to offer products with a unique design and technologically always at the forefront.
The architecture requires profiles that should be always thinner and now Molaro can offer this kind of product in wood or in wood-aluminum.
Lifestyle has been studied with a new sliding technology that grants a great water and wind tightness and a very high acoustic insulation.
The movement of sashes can be manual or motorized, in order to open easily the sliding sashes.
Lifestyle is the perfect product for the contemporary architecture, where customers prefer very big glazed surfaces with very thin, even imperceptible, profiles.
The sliding parts can reach very big dimensions up to 400 cm for each sash and a weight of 500 kilos.
This new sliding system permits to eliminate the architectural barriers and to obtain a pleasant coplanarity between the threshold and the flooring.
The sliding block that is recessed in the flooring is provided with a water drainage system that could be easily connected to the sewerage.


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