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Wooden shutters

Fashionable and durable finishes

Shutters are available in Fir, Mahogany Meranti, Chestnut Sungkay and Oak, in different finishes and semi-open pore paintings. The structure of the shutter sash is in massive or laminated wood, with a 90x43 mm section. Some models of shutters are also available in Plywood Okoumè, resistant to water, that can be coordinated with different Mahogany Meranti finishes and RAL paintings. The impregnation treatment is made with a flow-coating system, so that it can perfectly enter in all its parts improving its antibacterial, antifungus and antiwoodworms efficacy. Before the final painting another flow-coating protective primer is applied on the shutter sashes. The following water paint process is made by a robotized system that sprays the acrylic-polyurethane water finishes that can grant an adequate protection from UV rays. This two-hands finish is given to all the shutters sides and parts to assure a good protection. All the parts that made up the shutters are assembled and glued with D4 glue. In the case of vertical staves shutter models, horizontal steel bars are inserted on the sashes in order to improve their solidity. In the raised panels models, each raised panel is always sealed with anti-aging silicone resins on both sides to avoid the infiltration of rain water with the passing of time. The closing system of the shutters is guaranteed by steel or zama ironware black painted and in case of big exposure to salt corrosion it is possible to use also stainless steel ironware painted Ral.
For all the shutters Molaro gives a 10 years warranty, with all their tests certificates and CE marking.



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