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Wood-aluminum windows and doors with a thin frontal section, flush frame and sash and concealed hingies.

The wood section is 92x78 mm for the sash and 92x68 mm for the frame, in 4 layers laminated wood. The aluminum clad is 10 mm thick for the sash and 17 mm for the frame and so after the assembling the total thickness is 109 mm for the frame and 102 mm for the sash. The painting treatment and the structure of the aluminum clads are made with the same technologies used for the other wood-aluminum products. On these windows a triple pane glass is installed, with two Low Emissivity panes and 16 mm or 18 mm chambers filled with Argon Gas.
It is possible to install glasses up to 52 mm thickness. Mixflat windows and doors have three gaskets in EDPM installed on the frame, that offer a total resistance against the atmospheric agents. The first gasket is positioned on the clad profile, going through all its perimeter without stopping in the corners. The other two gaskets are installed on the wooden frame, and they overlap in the corners to assure an hydro pneumatic thigh system to the window and a great sound insulation.
For the closing system of the sashes Mixflat windows and doors always have concealed hardware made in steel, silver color, treated with antioxidant products, with tilt and turn opening mechanism and many locking points on the whole perimeter of the sash with high anti-breaking system level, central lever bolt for the typologies with 2 or more sashes, matt chrome or polished brass hinges coverings and handles. The opening of sashes with concealed hardware can be maximum up to 100°.



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