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Wooden windows and doors

A material used over the centuries

The wooden windows and doors are available in Fir, Mahogany Meranti, Chestnut Sungkay and Oak, in different finishes and semi-open pore paintings. The structure of both the frame and the sash is made in laminated wood with 3 layers, pre-dried and glued together with D4 glues, insensitive to humidity.
The impregnation treatment is Flow-coating, so that it can perfectly enter and improve its antibacterial, antifungus and anti-woodworms efficacy. Then, another Flow-coating protective primer is given before the painting.
The following water paint is made by a fully robotized system that sprays the acrylic-polyurethane water finishes that grant an adequate protection from UV rays. The two-hands finish is given to all the window sides, even to the unseen ones, in order to assure a good protection even against the humidity conducted by the walls. All the glasses meet the requirements of UNI 7697:2014 rules.
In particular, windows are always supplied with tempered or laminated internal glass pane and doors have the same prescription both on the internal and the external glass panes. All the glasses have always warm-edge spacer bars that permit to reduce the heat loss on their perimeter, reducing also the condensation. The optic and visual quality of the installed glasses is regulated by the rule UNI/TR 11404:2011.
The closing system and the movements of the sashes are guaranteed by steel hardware, silver color, with eventual tilt and turn opening and internal systems treated with antioxidant products, with different adjustable locking points on the whole perimeter of the sash. Wooden windows and doors are warranted for a period of 15 years, with all the tests certificates, CE marking and energy certification.



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